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Sir Missalot Movie Poster by KentaeTheHatman Sir Missalot Movie Poster :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 0 0 Sir Missalot, a short film by Kent by KentaeTheHatman Sir Missalot, a short film by Kent :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 2 0 Oh Sir Missalot, That's just rude! by KentaeTheHatman Oh Sir Missalot, That's just rude! :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 2 6 Sir Missalot 3D by KentaeTheHatman Sir Missalot 3D :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 1 3 Hazno CONFUSED by KentaeTheHatman Hazno CONFUSED :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 1 0 Hazno DEAD normalSkin whiteBackSigned by KentaeTheHatman Hazno DEAD normalSkin whiteBackSigned :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 3 0 Game Character Concept by KentaeTheHatman Game Character Concept :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 0 0 Master Jak by KentaeTheHatman Master Jak :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 1 0 Birthday Present for my mom by KentaeTheHatman Birthday Present for my mom :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 3 0 Anatheron - Digital Painting by KentaeTheHatman Anatheron - Digital Painting :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 3 4 Faction Races - Male and Female by KentaeTheHatman Faction Races - Male and Female :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 1 0 The Factions with races - Male by KentaeTheHatman The Factions with races - Male :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 1 0 Shadowhill Village Concept by KentaeTheHatman Shadowhill Village Concept :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 0 0 Character Design - Anatheron by KentaeTheHatman Character Design - Anatheron :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 1 4 pageGraphic Home by KentaeTheHatman pageGraphic Home :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 4 0 pageGraphic Games by KentaeTheHatman pageGraphic Games :iconkentaethehatman:KentaeTheHatman 2 5


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Kent A Ervik
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
I'm just this guy from Norway who works with animation, is a hobby game developer and likes, NAY! Loves drawing! :D

Check out my new website! :D
As you may or may not know/remember, I decided to hold somewhat of a competition where the first person to post me a screenshot of them being my 4000th pageviewer will get a drawing of their choise. Drawn by me of course xD And this drawing can be of anything you want (if you win that is, duh xD) And by anything I mean anything :D

Your character(s)
My character(s)
A combination of both our characters
Animals (NUT)
NSFW (NUT) (If you choose this one I will send you your drawing by mail or something like that and probably post a censored version here. Cuz, you know, DA xD)
Gore (NUT)
and so on :D

The Rules:
1. You must be my 4000th Pageviewer and you must be able to prove this with a screenshot.
        (Wether you link it in the comments of this journal or if you upload it and link it to me in som other way is totally up to you.)

2. If I should for some reason pass view number 4000 and not recieve a screenshot of it within 3 days of passing it I will still draw the picture for whomever is closest to 4000.
        -This means that it MAY still be worth taking a screenshot if you are just close but not actually number 4000.
        -You can of course still request whatever you want.
        -Remember that this is only in the event that I do not recieve a screenshot of number 4000 in time.

3. If you chose one of the categories I am not all that used too, like gore as an example, please do not keep your expectations too high as I am, as I said, not used to drawing such.
        -I will of course still do my very best to make a pleasing picture for you.
        -The categories on the list above that I am not used to is marked with (NUT) or Not Used Too. (Also calling it NUT was kind of funny xD)
        -If you choose something That is not on the list above I will tell you if it is a (NUT). //Giggling like a little girl Tihi

4. You do not have to watch me here on DA to be part of the competition.
    -But it would probably be way easier to follow up on it if you did.
    -Also I would love you long time if you want to watch me <3

5. This is more a heads up than a rule but I'll make it a rule anyway. If you are the lucky winner then please accept the fact that it may take a few days before I'm done with your picture. Because:
        -I am a fairly slow artist.
        -I have other stuff that might be prioritized. (Like work xD)
        -Or both for that matter.
     - Another thing that might slow it down a bit now is the fact that my Wacom is currently at my workplace. So I'll wait for a weekend to bring it home for the purpose of drawing the winners picture.

If you are not the lucky one this time around, don't vorry! I am planning on keeping this challenge going :D So if you were out of luck on number 4000 you will have a new chance at number 5000 :D Wich is why I called it the +1K challenge... Cuz I will continue this for every 1000 pageviewer I get until I don't feel like doing it any more or I get so popular that drawing a new picture evey 1000 viewer just becomes too much work... Like that's ever gonna happen xD

I know that this is still some time away but I like the idea of possibly having something to do in the future xD
I would of course greatly appreciate it if you told your friends here on DA about this competition as that might make the wait shorter and hopefully some of them might actually like my art :D

So that is it good people of DA :D And Good Luck to you all!! La la la la 

Previous Winner: None :'( 
Requested: Nothing T.T


Sir Missalot Movie Poster
I decided I wanted to make a proper(-ish) movie poster of it :D

Just because ^^

And yes I am actually almost finished with it La la la la 
I will upload it just after I've held a private premiere viewing of it for my family Wink/Razz 

By the way, if anyone of you ever wondered why I've been so inactive here the past few months (though I'm pretty sure none of you did haha) It's largely because I've been working on this short film :D (Big Grin) 
But also because I just recently switched jobs... I am now an, sort of, intern at a pretty big movie/animation firm here in Trondheim I am a dummy! 
In addition to that I also started my own firm, KAE Studio ^^ It's just a one-person thing though, mostly to be able to cooperate with my previous workplace whom did not have the ability to hire me there and then.
Buuut now that I have my own firm I can still work with them as a freelance animator alongside my internship at the other firm :D

Sooo yeeeah, I've been sort of busy xD
Oh Sir Missalot, That's just rude!
All I can say is... Just because I can!

Needed to test my rig somehow right? ;P

Anyhow, I hope ya'll enjoy it xD
Sir Missalot 3D
My OC Sir Missalot has entered the third dimension! :D

I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out ^^ I've put a loooot of work into this :D

Now to do some rigging and possibly some weightpainting so that he may move around and explore this new dimension :D

Hope y'all like it ^^
Commission done for Hazno, a local streamer ^^ (by local I mean he's norwegian xD)

It was made to be used as an emoji on Twitch, wich is why it's a tad simple and has thicker lines than what I usually use ^^


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